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 Alarm Technology & Equipment, Inc. has your business security camera system needs covered with our complete security capabilities. Let our experienced team design and install a hi-tech means of monitoring your place of business or home.

We know that every customer’s security needs are different and provide security solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our commercial and residential customers.  Providing total security solutions, including design, installation and maintenance and customer satisfaction has been our specialty for more than 25 years.

Crime prevention is the true focus of a business security camera system and in some cases just the presence of a security camera system will discourage a criminal. At , we offer the latest technology in commercial security camera systems, including motion-detecting cameras and systems you can personally monitor in real time.  It’s our job to design for you the right combination of security products and systems that fit your specific needs.

We can set up a closed circuit camera surveillance system that can be used to monitor anything a customer wants on camera, from your cash register to your vault. The hidden camera can record what an employee is putting in the register and what is typed on the register, who is opening the vault and what they are putting in and out, or simply monitor a front door to show who is coming and going.  The options are limitless.

Our video systems use covert cameras that can be disguised to look like anything from exit signs to clocks, buttons to soda cans and our cameras can be hidden in almost anything. Whether it is to be used as a deterrent to stop theft, a means to punish a thief or both,  is here to provide you with exactly what you need.

 Alarm Technology’s professionally designed and installed video surveillance systems are proven to increase personal security, improve productivity of employees, and the additional security could even lower your insurance payments. Finding the right solution isn’t too hard either.  It’s a matter of choosing what features you feel will satisfy your needs and we’ll do the rest.  There are endless possibilities and solutions, let us help you choose the best system for your business. 


Benefits of CCTV and Security Cameras:


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